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Welcome To The Boys In this server, there are multiple areas to have fun and keep yourself entertained. There is the generic chats you get in a standard server, with the inclusion of selfbot channels, which most servers prohibit. There is a fun category where you may make jokes or have fun with the tts feature, this is also where giveaways are held. There is a dedicated gaming category which may be enlarged in the future as per request. There is also a socials category for you to advertise your social media, no server invites permitted, unless I am contacted beforehand. A new feature is the marketplace, once complete, there will be a range of tools and services curated to you. There is a level system via a bot where once you reach the maximum level, you will receive a large reward also, for more info on this feel free to send me a DM Enjoy your stay!

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5555 Cutest Golden Retriever NFTs on the ETH blockchain. Our vision is to be the biggest NFT that supports animal rescue. Royalties - 50% goes to charity and 50% goes to random holder of our NFT selected on a monthly basis.